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Smilesaver®: Science-Driven Solutions for a Cleaner, Healthier Smile

The Problem

We all know that oral devices require regular cleaning, but existing solutions were often messy, time-consuming, or ineffective. Concerned about the potential for lingering bacteria, we wanted to create a product that not only cleaned better but did so in a fast and convenient way.

The Inspiration

Research by Dr. Thomas Glass at Oklahoma State University uncovered extensive bacterial contamination present on even commonly used oral devices. His findings highlighted the need for more effective cleaning solutions to ensure user health. This resonated with Soluria CEO, Dennis Hanlon, and spurred the development of Smilesaver®.

Science + Collaboration: The Smilesaver Journey

Our team was committed to developing a formula that addressed the issues identified by Dr. Glass. Here's how Smilesaver came to be

Deep Research Dive
We carefully reviewed Dr. Glass's work and additional studies on oral device hygiene best practices.

Expert Development
Smilesaver's formula was developed in collaboration with leading dentists and researchers.

Rigorous Testing
Lab tests proved Smilesaver's exceptional cleaning power, eliminating 99.9% of potentially harmful bacteria in just 30 seconds or less!

Ease of Use
Smilesaver was designed for "on-the-go" convenience, making thorough device cleaning effortless.

The Future

At Smilesaver, we're driven by the power of science to deliver effective solutions for everyday challenges. Our formula, born from collaboration and research, is a testament to our dedication to enhancing your oral device care routine.

Our Commitment

Our journey doesn't end here! We're always exploring new ways to improve Smilesaver and expand our solutions to address other oral health needs.