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How Smilesaver® Pen Works

Do You Wish Your Teeth Were Whiter?

Stains on your teeth from everyday food and drinks can dim your smile. While many whitening solutions exist, they often come with harsh chemicals or sensitivity issues. Not to mention these solutions are inconvenient and time-consuming.

Innovative Whitening Without the Harshness

Traditional whitening methods often rely on peroxide, which can cause sensitivity and irritation. With the Smilesaver Peroxide-Free Whitening Pen, you can achieve a brighter smile without the discomfort.

How Smilesaver Pen Whitens Differently

Smilesaver's advanced formula offers a unique and gentle approach to whitening:

Pre-Treatment Step
A pre-whitening formula works to lift and loosen existing stains, preparing your teeth for optimal results.
Potent Whitening Agent
A non-peroxide whitening gel brightens away surface stains and deeper discoloration, restoring a radiant glow to your smile.
Sensitive-Friendly Formula
Designed for those with sensitive teeth and gums, delivering visible whitening without the pain.

Transform Your Smile With Ease

The Smilesaver Whitening Pen offers effortless at-home whitening:

Easy Application
Simply twist the pen base to release the whitening gel and apply directly to your teeth.

Quick Treatment
Leave the gel on for just 15-20 minutes for a brighter smile.

Portable Design
Whiten anytime, anywhere for on-the-go confidence.

Science-Backed Ingredients for Visible Results

Smilesaver's meticulous formula blends effective ingredients for a brighter, healthier-looking smile:
Sodium Percarbonate
A safe peroxide alternative that breaks down stains without causing sensitivity.

See the Smilesaver Difference

Experience the power of gentle, effective whitening with the Smilesaver Peroxide-Free Whitening Pen. Achieve the smile you deserve without the harshness of traditional peroxide products.