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Customer Reviews

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Nancy F.
Best aligner cleaner on the market!!!

I have tried the foams and soaks and other sprays but Smilersaver is the best. Tastes great too. Two thumbs up!

For eating and drinking on the go

I ordered these spray bottles for my son who just finished the first phase of his braces and has had to wear his retainer all day every day for the past six weeks and every night until his next phase of braces. At the time, he was constantly commenting on how stinky both his retainer and case were. While we would encourage him to clean both regularly, he's a kid, and we're lucky he was remembering to wear it at all. This spray, then, was a godsend.

Great for on-the-go

I like using this to freshen up my aligners while I'm at work. I don't love the flavor but it's very easy to use.

Jorge G Zavala
Very convenient.

I don't have removable dental appliances, but ordered these as I saw you could use the cleaner on toothbrushes. I keep travel toothbrushes in my cars and travel bag in addition to the electric toothbrushes I use at home and my office. I've been concerned about bacteria growth, but didn't want to buy yet another appliance to sterilize them for me. I ordered these when I saw they were available and keep one at home and the other at my office.

Expensive but Great for on the go cleaning

I used a dental device too expand my teeth in the process of braces and wanted some quick cleaning sprays for when I’m on the go, out of the house, or want a quick wash after eating. It’s super easy to use and smells great. I just take my dental appliances out and stick them in my container for them, spray with the smile saver and leave for a few minutes although you only have to wait 30 seconds. You don’t even have to rinse off. Great product.