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Article: The All-in-One Retainer Cleaner for Removable Oral Appliances

The All-in-One Retainer Cleaner for Removable Oral Appliances

The All-in-One Retainer Cleaner for Removable Oral Appliances

Try Smilesaver®, the best retainer cleaner for Invisalign and other oral devices

Looking for ways to keep your retainers feeling fresh all day long? Tired of constantly searching for a sink to rinse your clear aligners? Soluria® has an answer! We are a company focused on the development of innovative products based on technologies that provide robust solutions for good oral health. We produce Smilesaver®, an innovative cleansing and freshening spray that solves issues compromising the health of individuals using removable oral appliances like aligners, retainers, dentures, night guards — as well as athletes engaged in sports activities.

Today, we’re here to show you why Smilesaver® is the best retainer cleaner for Invisalign while you’re on the go. We’re going to break down what Smilesaver® is, how it works, and how you can use it to keep your mouth and oral device clean and healthy — no matter where you are in the world.

What is Smilesaver® Spray?

What if you could clean your oral appliances using a retainer cleaner for Invisalign that requires no running water?

Retainer cleaner spray

Keep a bottle of Smilesaver® in your home and bring one with you while you’re out.

Smilesaver®, is a convenient, safe, effective, and easy-to-use cleansing spray for the elimination of bacteria, and associated “gunk” that builds up. No matter how well you brush and floss, you are bound to notice some buildup during use or storage of removable oral appliances, like orthodontic aligners and retainers. 

Smilesaver® is also formulated so that it is completely safe for your teeth, gums, and retainers. The proprietary formula is free of sugar, artificial ingredients, alcohol, or peroxides. All ingredients are GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) and the spray also contains a natural sweetener called xylitol, which is beneficial for oral health.

The best part about Smilesaver® is that you can truly take it wherever you go. The peroxide free formula means there is no rinsing required before replacing your retainer. All you have to do is spray your device, wait for 30 seconds, replace your retainer, and you’re ready to go!

Why Should I Use Smilesaver®?

Ideally, you should clean your retainer every time you remove it to keep it clear and smelling fresh

man with dental hygienist and dentist in office

Have the best dental check up yet thanks to Smilesaver®!

Smilesaver® is useful in a number of different situations, most notably when you are out of the house and it isn’t convenient to clean your retainers using one of the traditional methods. You can use Smilesaver® wherever you are, and as often as you’d like! 

Since most oral appliances don’t get cleaned well enough as it is, grabbing your Smilesaver®  is always a good idea in between meals or if you feel like you need a bit of a refresh. We all lead busy lives and could use a little bit of convenience once and a while, especially when it comes to our oral health. Here are some more reasons you should be using Smilesaver® to take care of your teeth and any oral appliances:

  • It is easy to forget to clean your oral appliances regularly
  • Aligners, retainers, dentures, and mouth guards start to grow bacteria the second they are placed in your mouth
  • Bacteria causes foul odors, bad breath, and plaque build up which negatively impacts the effectiveness of treatment

On the other hand, when you choose Smilesaver® as your cleaner you can benefit from:

  • Eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria on your aligners, retainers, dentures or mouth guards in 30 seconds
  • Fresh, minty taste to stop bad breath while you’re out of the house
  • No hydrogen peroxide means no more stopping to rinse your retainers

Just spray your retainers a few times, and you’ll be on your way to a healthy and fresh feeling smile — even with your oral device. 

How Does Smilesaver® Help Keep Your Orthodontic Devices Clean?

Smilesaver®, the best retainer cleaner for Invisalign, eliminates bacteria that can build up on your devices when used regularly

young boy replacing mouth guard for football game

Smilesaver® isn’t just for corrective devices, it can also help keep your mouth guard fresh and clean.

Bacteria adheres to removable oral appliances during usage as they remain in the same place in your mouth. Bacteria in your mouth will replicate rapidly to form biofilms comprising multiple species that are found within the normal oral microbiome.

When not cleaned regularly biofilms build up on oral appliances, such as sports mouth guards, worn for shorter periods of time. However, these biofilms comprise a combination of oral bacteria and non-oral species derived from storage containers, sports bags, and any other items with which they come in contact. 

If your retainers are not properly cleaned, biofilms remain on devices between usage occasions and will create issues for their users ranging from yellowing retainers to bad breath.  Because of this, the buildup of bacterial biofilm on removable oral devices will negatively impact your smile journey. Additionally, biofilms increase the risk of bacteria-related diseases and conditions in the mouth. 

Smilesaver® is the real deal. Our product  has been tested in independent laboratory studies and has been shown to reduce bacteria by up to 99.9% in just 30 seconds. By reducing hidden bacteria on these devices, Smilesaver® plays a significant role in maintaining good oral hygiene and, like hand sanitizer, gives you an easily accessible way to minimize germs on removable oral appliances. 

Now that we know a bit more about how Smilesaver®, the all-in-one retainer cleaner for Invisalign—you can use Smilesaver® to improve your overall oral health. Smilesaver® is the fastest and easiest way to clean your aligners on the go and kill the bacteria that causes yellowing stains. Visit our website to learn even more about Smilesaver® and other accessories that you can use during Invisalign treatment, or on your everyday oral appliances.

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