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Article: How to Clean Your Mouth Guard Quickly & Easily

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How to Clean Your Mouth Guard Quickly & Easily

Mouth guards and night guards are helpful oral devices that protect your teeth. There are several reasons why someone might wear a mouth or night guard, from protecting themselves during contact sports or guarding their teeth from overnight clenching or grinding. Regardless of the need, the purpose is the same: a mouth guard is there to protect your smile.

As you use your mouth guard repeatedly, bacteria can begin to build up on the device which can negatively affect your dental health. That's why we’ll be discussing how to clean your mouth guard properly so you can maintain fresh breath and a healthy smile, whether that be through a deep cleaning at home or with the best on-the-go mouth guard cleaner. Let's find out how you can best take care of your mouth guard!

How To Clean A Mouth Guard at Home

Use our tips on How to clean your mouth guard using common household products

young football player with mouthguard attached to helmetIf you wear your mouth guard every day for sports, you should know how to clean it properly.

No matter what types of mouth guards you’re wearing to protect your teeth, you’re likely curious about what you should use to clean it. It doesn’t take long for bacteria to start to accumulate, so you should start your mouth guard cleaning routine as soon as you begin wearing one. Luckily, there are a few ways you can clean your mouth guard using products that can be found in any household. Keep reading to find out how to clean a mouth guard at home.

     1. Toothpaste

If you’re cleaning your mouth guard for the first time, the first thing you’ll probably reach for is a toothbrush and toothpaste. The good news is that toothpaste is a great way to clean your mouth guard. Just make sure that you use a soft bristle toothbrush and a non-abrasive toothpaste so you don’t cause any accidental damage to your mouth guard. Generally try to avoid whitening toothpastes since those tend to be more abrasive than non-whitening toothpaste. To properly clean your mouth guard simply brush under cold water with a small amount of toothpaste and then let it dry. 

      2. Soap & Water

Washing with soap and water is another readily available way that you can clean your mouth guard at home. One thing to double check is that your soap does not contain alcohol. To clean your mouth guard, it's best to use an alcohol-free, gentle soap. Using soap and cool water, gently scrub the entire surface of the mouth guard. Once you’re finished brushing, rinse the soap off and let your mouth guard dry.

     3. Mouthwash

Mouthwash is another great way to clean your mouth guard. Once again, make sure to double check that you’re using alcohol-free mouthwash otherwise it will wear down your mouthguard. To clean your mouth guard with mouthwash, start by rinsing your mouth guard. Then mix a cap of mouthwash in a glass of water and place your mouth guard in the glass. The most important thing is that the water/mouthwash combination completely covers your mouth guard. Then, let your mouth guard soak for 30 minutes, rinse and dry.

     4. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a powerful household tool for reducing bacteria and odors. To clean your mouth guard with baking soda, combine the baking soda and water together in a bowl until it forms a paste. Then, use a toothbrush to gently brush the paste onto the mouth guard. After you’ve sufficiently brushed the whole mouth guard, rinse it with cool water and let it dry.

How to Clean Your Mouth Guard With Over-the-Counter Cleaners

Find out how you can use over-the-counter cleaners to deep clean your mouth guard

young man getting fitted for mouthguard at dentist officeIn need of a deep clean? Try an over-the-counter solution every month or so.

If you’ve tried all of the at home cleaning methods and feel like your mouth guard needs a heavy duty clean, you can use over-the counter cleaning methods. Over-the-counter cleaners are safe to use on your mouth guard, but only when used correctly. To use these cleaning methods properly, follow these steps:

  1. Fill a glass of water
  2. Add the cleaning powder or tablet
  3. Soak your mouth guard for 5 to 10 minutes
  4. Remove your mouth guard from the glass
  5. Brush with a more gentle cleaning solution, like one the previously mentioned techniques
  6. Let your mouth guard dry
  7. Only use this cleaning method once per month for an extra deep clean

Once you’ve deep cleaned your mouth guard, remember that you should keep continuously cleaning your mouth guard using the household products we mentioned in the previous section.

How to Clean Your Mouthguard on the Go

Many are unaware it's best to clean your mouth guard every time you use it — no matter where you are

young woman practicing karate with clean mouth guard in hand

Remember to clean your mouth guard every day.

It’s your responsibility to clean your mouthguard after every use, even while you’re on the go. If you neglect to clean your mouthguard before you place it back in its protective case, bacteria will accumulate on your device. It is recommended that you clean your mouth guard as soon as possible after taking it out, but that is easier said than done, especially for young athletes and busy adults. 

That’s why we created Smilesaver®, a fast acting mouth guard cleaner that helps eliminate 99.9% of bacteria in 30 seconds. Just a few sprays on your guard will keep it fresh and clean until your next use, and the peroxide-free formula means you don’t have to rinse it off before you put it back in. Smilesaver® is portable, convenient, and keeps your mouthguard clean no matter where you are. 

mouth guard cleaner spray

So if you find yourself wondering how to clean your mouth guard when you’re out of the house, try out Smilesaver®. It's the fastest and easiest way to clean your mouth guard on the go!

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