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Article: How to Clean Invisalign While You're On the Go: 4 Essential Tools You Need

young man brushing teeth in hotel room business travel

How to Clean Invisalign While You're On the Go: 4 Essential Tools You Need

Invisalign is a great way to straighten your teeth, but you need to take extra care of your oral hygiene to get the best results out of treatment. When you’re travelling, it can get difficult to keep your aligners and teeth clean and feeling fresh. Thankfully, there are a few techniques that make cleaning your aligners easier than ever. If you’re interested in how to clean your Invisalign while on the go, keep reading.  


1. Always Keep a Travel Toothbrush, Toothpaste, and Floss with You

If you’re unsure how to clean Invisalign on the go, you should start with the basics — a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and a carrying case

toothpaste toothbrush and floss

Start with the basics when packing your Invisalign travel case.

Let’s start with the basics — to keep your aligners clean while you’re travelling you should keep a travel case with a toothbrush and floss handy. Though this may sound obvious, it’s easy to forget to bring your toothbrush and floss with you before you leave for work or set out on a long drive. 

While you’re on the go, it’s easy to forget (or ignore) how important it is to brush your teeth after eating or drinking anything other than water. Failing to brush your teeth before replacing your aligners can lead to plaque buildup and bacteria growth under your aligners. While you’re on the go, you can use your toothbrush and toothpaste to gently brush your teeth and aligners between every use. Make sure that you bring a non-abrasive toothpaste with you, otherwise you could accidentally scratch or damage your aligners..

Before you leave the house, always remember to keep a carrying case with your toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. 

2. Keep a Small Mirror on Hand

A small mirror makes it easy to clean Invisalign anywhere & anytime

woman looking at clean invisalign in mirror

A portable mirror will come in handy more often than you think.

Though it might not seem obvious, travelling with a small mirror will help improve your oral health. If you’re in a car or on an airplane, it's super difficult to clean your teeth without a mirror. The next time you travel, remember to keep a small mirror with you so you can be sure you’re getting all of the food particles out of your teeth before replacing your Invisalign. If you miss a few spots, it can lead to plaque buildup and even discoloration on your teeth and aligners. These problems can all be avoided if you can clearly see your teeth while you’re brushing. Trust us, you’ll be using your travel mirror more than you expect!

3. Use Smilesaver® to Quickly Refresh Your Clear Aligners

Clean Invisalign without running water using Smilesaver® to help eliminate 99.9% of bacteria in 30 seconds

invisalign cleaner spray

Smilesaver® is the perfect accessory for Invisalign wearers.

If you’re on the go, but you can’t find running water to freshen up your aligners — then what? If you find yourself in this situation, try Smilesaver® for a quick clean. Smilesaver® is a peroxide-free spray that instantly refreshes your aligners. Just a few sprays will keep them fresh and clean until your next use, and the peroxide-free formula means you don’t have to rinse them off before you wear them again. Smilesaver® is portable and convenient — perfect for someone who travels frequently.

4. Movemints® Seat Your Aligners and Freshen Your Breath

After you clean your trays, seat them with this unique and beneficial mint

invisalign mint for fresh breath

Freshen your breath and make sure your aligners are tracking properly, thanks to Movemints®.

When you start using Invisalign, your orthodontist likely recommended that you use an Invisalign chewie to properly seat your aligners. Invisalign chewies make sure that your aligners are fitting over your teeth. When you bite down on your chewie, you should hear your aligners “click” into place. 

The issue with Invisalign chewies is that they need to be cleaned frequently and are easy to forget at home. That’s where Movemints® come in handy! Movemints® are an alternative to Invisalign chewies that freshen breath while also seating your aligners. They are sugar free and sweetened with a therapeutic dose of xylitol, which is beneficial for your oral health. Whenever you reinsert your trays, just pop in a Movemint, bite down gently until your aligners click into place. And there you have it — your aligners are set in place and your breath is refreshed. 

Stop worrying about how to clean your Invisalign on the go and prepare yourself for the smile journey. Remember to always bring your teeth cleaning kit whenever you leave the house, no matter how short the trip. If you are finding it difficult to clean your clear aligners while travelling, try out Smilesaver®. It's the fastest and easiest way to clean your Invisalign!

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