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How to Clean Mouth Guard?

Whether you're an athlete with a trusty sports mouthguard or someone who uses a nightguard to protect your teeth, keeping your oral appliance clean is non-negotiable. Dirty mouthguards are a haven for bacteria, causing nasty odors and potential health risks. But cleaning your mouthguard doesn't have to be a chore. With Smilesaver® Oral Appliance Cleaning Spray, you can achieve a hygienic clean in seconds!

Why Is Cleaning Your Mouthguard Important?

Your mouth is already a breeding ground for bacteria. When you add a warm, moist mouthguard to the mix, it's a recipe for bacterial growth. Over time, this buildup can lead to:

●      Bad breath

●      Plaque and tartar formation

●      Gum irritation

●      Potential infections

●      Foul odors

Mouthguard cleaners

The Smilesaver® Solution: Safe, Effective Cleaning

Don't settle for less when thinking of how to clean mouthguards. Smilesaver® is the answer to hygienic and hassle-free cleaning:

●      Effective: Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria in just 30 seconds (lab-proven!), ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your mouth.

●      All-Natural: Formulated with all-natural ingredients – no alcohol, preservatives, or sugar. Only the best for your oral appliance!

●      Refreshing: A burst of spearmint flavor leaves your mouthguard clean and your breath fresh.

●      No Rinse: No need to rinse! Just spray and you're ready to go.

●      Perfect for Travel: The portable size makes it ideal for cleaning your mouthguard on the go.

smilesaver mouthguard cleaner

How to Clean Your Mouthguard: It's This Simple

  1. Spray: After each use, spray your mouthguard twice with Smilesaver®.

  2. Wait: Chill for 30 seconds as Smilesaver® zaps all the bacteria.

  3. Viola: That’s it! Your mouthguard is clean and good to go.

Additional Tips for a Sparkling Mouthguard

●      Clean Regularly: Clean your mouthguard after every single use.

●      Don't Forget the Case: Keep bacteria away by regularly cleaning your mouthguard's case with Smilesaver® too!

●      Consider a Deep Clean: For an extra deep clean, occasionally use an ultrasonic cleaner in combination with Smilesaver® Spray.

Kiss Germy Mouthguards Goodbye!

Smilesaver® is the key to a hygienically clean mouthguard and a healthier smile.  Protect your smile and your oral appliance – head over to Smilesaver® today to get yours!

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