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Burkhart Presents Smilesaver®

The Patient-Friendly Oral Appliance Cleanser For The Modern Dental Practice

Smilesaver wholesale display

Smilesaver® is an on-the-go cleansing and freshening spray for clear aligners, retainers, night guards and dentures that helps eliminate up to >99.9%* of bacteria for better treatment compliance, fresher breath and a clean appliance in just 30 seconds—no soaking, scrubbing or rinsing needed.

● Loved by patients
● No Harmful Chemicals
● On-the-go Spray bottle
● No scrubbing or rinsing required

  *Supported by laboratory studies

Backed By Sound Science And Extensive Research

Retainer cleaner spray


As a dental professional, you know what works and what doesn’t for your patients. At Soluria®, we aim to provide you with innovative products to run the best possible practice for the people that count on you.

Smilesaver® by Soluria® exemplifies everything we strive for as a company. Rigorously tested, meticulously designed, with results that speak for themselves- all in an easy-to-use, consumer-friendly, professional package.

When you offer your patients Smilesaver®, you offer them a fast, safe, and effective cleansing spray for their oral appliances. That means better oral health for them, and happy, loyal patients for your practice.

Increase Revenue By Offering A Solution Oriented Product

Smilesaver wholesale products and counter display

1. The quickest and most convenient cleansing product

Smilesaver® works in only 30 seconds to eliminate bad tastes, bad breath, smelly appliances and more unwanted problems. All that without any soaking, scrubbing or rinsing.

2. A health-conscious formulation to meet the modern patient’s needs

Smilesaver® contains no sugar, no alcohol and no artificial ingredients. Our fresh minty taste is derived from only natural flavors and the sweetness comes from xylitol, a dental industry favorite with known anti-cavity properties!

3. Safe and effective ingredients

Smilesaver® uses a food grade principal ingredient and contains no harsh chemicals that can damage or discolor the appliance. This means no warning labels! And unlike foams and soaks, you can use Smilesaver® as often as needed throughout the day

The Professional Starter Kit, Designed For The Practice

Smilesaver wholesale products

1. Order & Save

(20) ¼ oz bottles, (20) 1 oz bottles, (1) 8 oz bottle and (2) countertop displays will help you incorporate Smilesaver as an oral hygiene method in your practice.

2. Setup & Sell

Attractive countertop displays and 3 different bottles sizes will ensure you are setup for any scenario. Give away the ¼ oz sample, sell the 1 oz bottle, and demonstrate with the 8 oz chairside spray!

3. Refill & Stock

Reorder what works for you. We can provide Smilesaver in affordable bulk quantities to refill your 1 oz countertop displays and stock your ¼ oz & 8 oz bottles.


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