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Article: What is the best retainer cleaner?

What is the best retainer cleaner
denture bad breath

What is the best retainer cleaner?

What is the best retainer cleaner?

Retainers are usually prescribed at the end of the orthodontic treatment to ensure that teeth remain in their correct positions. However, retainers require regular cleaning for maximum efficacy and safety. Retainers are prone to bacterial accumulation as they stay in the mouth for almost 22 hours a day.

This accumulation can lead to issues like bad breath, deterioration of the device, and even oral infections if not cleaned properly. Therefore, choosing the right retainer cleaner is of utmost importance. And Smilesaver is right up there with the top choices.

Let us tell you why Smilesaver is such an awesome choice.

Rapid Cleaning Action

Smilesaver® cleans retainers really fast. With its strong formula, it is capable of eliminating 99.9% of bacteria in just 30 seconds! Exciting, right? What’s more exciting is that it doesn’t even need extra time for soaking or rinsing.

This is a big deal because most other sprays take longer and you often have to rinse them off after use. However, Smilesaver® makes it super convenient for people who are always on the go with its quick and hassle-free action. So, busy lifestyle or not, no compromise on efficient cleaning.


Health Conscious

Smilesaver® cares for your health as much as you do. It is made using GRAS (generally regarded as safe) ingredients, like lauroyl arginine ethyl ester (LAE), a safe surfactant used in food and personal care. As for its sweetener, it includes Xylitol, which is a natural sweetener found in small amounts in fruits and vegetables.

It not only enhances taste but contributes to oral health by fighting bacteria. This combination ensures the product is effective without compromising safety, offering a health-conscious option for retainer care.


Pleasant Taste

Smilesaver's refreshing spearmint flavor makes cleaning your retainer enjoyable and effective. Beyond just tasting good, it helps eliminate bad odors. This ensures that you don’t lose your confidence when you’re around others. This feature is great for anyone looking to maintain fresh breath and a clean retainer without compromising on taste.



Smilesaver’s easy use makes it convenient. It doesn’t need any reinsing, so you just have to spray on your oral device and you’re good to go. Plus, it's available in multiple sizes. So, you can easily carry it in your bag whenever you go out. The process is simple: spray, relax for a moment, then reinsert your retainer. This convenience makes Smilesaver® perfect for people on the move.


The Science Behind Smilesaver®

The creation of Smilesaver® was the result of thorough scientific research focused on getting rid of harmful oral and non-oral bacteria. A great deal of testing was conducted to deliver outstanding outcomes that improve users' oral health overall in addition to cleaning.


Hygiene maintenance of retainers is not just important for aesthetic reasons but is crucial for oral health. We’ve discussed some of the features of Smilesaver® which makes it an ideal option for anyone looking for convenience, efficiency, and exceptional results. Ready to get yours? Just visit its website!

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